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To Change Your Image, Take A Close Look At Your Smile

Using cosmetic dentistry, our staff is able to totally transform your smile and change your life.

Through different procedures, we will create your perfect smile. Nature-mimicking restorations such as advanced metal-free crowns, veneers, bridges, and inlays/onlays  feel and function like your natural teeth and look incredible.

A bright smile has a powerful impact on just how young you appear.

Our team‘s knowledge and experience in aesthetic and health-restorative dental care is highly respected in the Spring TX area.

After we are in sync with your personal needs and goals, we evaluate your facial shape, the features of your nose, and the character of your eyes. However, it is the shape and contour of your lips that will frame your new smile and, as such, are the face’s primary guideposts. Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich will also take note of a number of other factors like the harmony of your eyes and nose in relation to your other facial measurements.

Our cosmetic smile team can makeover your smile to make you look younger, make your smile whiter and more prominent, do away with the lip lines that give you that “elderly” smile, instantly straighten crowded or crooked teeth, and, finally, ramp up your overall sex appeal.

Don’t forget, though, Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich and the smile team aren’t just doing a smile makeover. We believe that 90% of a beautiful smile happens when we make your smile healthy, functional, and with a balanced bite so that you can enjoy laughing, talking, chewing and kissing… and look great doing it.

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The Cold Facts Are…

Within an independent study in 2008, it was discovered: Nearly all Americans (98.7%) feel a smile is a vital social asset.

97% of adults feel a wonderful smile really makes a person more appealing to people of the other sex.

Three-quarters (76%) of adult men and women think an unsightly smile can hurt an individual’s probability for career success.

Investigators questioned, “What’s the initial thing you see in another person’s smile?” The most common answers were:

• A Straight Smile

• Whiteness And Shade of Teeth

• Cleanness of Teeth

• Is Their Smile Sincere?

• Missing Any Teeth?

• Glossiness of Smile

Then respondents answered this question, “Exactly what would you most want to improve about your own smile?” The most common response was: “Whiter & Brighter Teeth”.

It’s not absolutely necessary to get a “Million Dollar” smile, but…

…improving your smile can make you look younger, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as enhance your conversation abilities, your sex appeal, and favorably affect your own personal and professional interactions.

According to more research by social psychologists, most people spend around four seconds assessing the way you look before they begin to form a list of impressions regarding your:

• educational level

• career competence

• accomplishment

• character

• sophistication

• dependability

• sense of humor

• and your social heritage.

Good or bad, this means that looks count in today’s world.

Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Louise

Obviously, your smile is one of your most noticeable attributes.

Consider the changes a smile makeover would bring. You’ve taken ten years off of your appearance. You’re more attractive and confident. The practice of cosmetic dentistry has come so far in just a few years and, with affordable financing options being more available, you can change your smile and change your life.

What Are Your Smile Goals?

A smile makeover can change everything. That’s why it’s so important that Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich and our staff work with you as a team to guarantee that what you want is what you get before we start any treatment. We take an all-inclusive approach and adhere to creating a treatment plan with a thorough discussion of options.

What can be done:

** Make you look ten years younger

** Remove gaps and spaces between teeth

** Repair decayed, chipped, broken or cracked teeth

** Change the shape of teeth so they’re no longer crooked or crowded

** Re-contour gums to eliminate a “gummy” smile

** Bring mismatched teeth into harmony

** Place a bridge or dental implant

** Replace ugly metal-based restorations with all-porcelain

** Improve or correct bad (dysfunctional) bites

** Whiten and brighten stained or discolored teeth

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