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Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Blythe

Feel Like Improving Your Image? Start With Your Smile

With esthetic dentistry, our staff is able to totally transform your smile and change your life.

Through different procedures, we will create your perfect smile. Natural-looking alternatives such as the latest porcelain or bonded natural-looking fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers  feel and function like your natural teeth and look incredible.

A bright smile provides a powerful effect on how young you appear.

Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez‘s experience and expertise in esthetic and health-restorative dental care is well known in the Spring TX area.

Once we are in tune with your concept of your perfect smile, we evaluate the overall shape of your face, the architecture of your nose and cheekbones, and the hues and chroma of your eyes. However, it is the shape and contour of your lips that will frame your new smile and, as such, are the face’s primary guideposts. In addition, we will analyze many more constructs like the balance of your eyes and nose in ratio to your other facial dimensions.

Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez can restore your smile to make you appear younger, make your smile whiter and more sparkly, erase those aging lip lines, take away crowding in your teeth and straighten crooked teeth, and, finally, give your sex appeal a major boost.

Don’t forget, though, Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez and the smile team aren’t just concentrating on your good looks. We believe that 90% of a beautiful smile happens when we make your smile healthy, well built, and with a balanced bite so that you can enjoy good health, good food and a good laugh now and then.

Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Clint

The Cold Facts Are…

Within an independent analysis in 2008, it was found: Practically all Americans (98.7%) believe a smile is an important social asset.

97% of adult men and women believe a wonderful smile makes a particular person more appealing to individuals of the other sex.

Three-quarters (76%) of us feel an unsightly smile can harm an individual’s chances for job success.

Investigators questioned, “What exactly is the very first thing you notice in a new acquaintance’s smile?” The most typical responses were:

• A Straight Smile

• Whiteness & Shade of Teeth

• Cleanliness of Teeth

• Is Their Smile Sincere?

• Missing Any Teeth?

• Glossiness of Smile

Then respondents were posed this question, “What would you most want to improve about your own smile?” The most typical answer was: “Whiter and Brighter Teeth”.

Fair or unfair, appearances matter in today’s world.

As outlined in additional research by social psychologists in and around Spring TX, most people take about 3 seconds appraising your appearance before they begin to develop a list of perceptions about your:

• educational level

• work skills

• success

• character

• sophistication

• trustworthiness

• sense of humor

• social mores

It doesn’t require getting a “Hollywood” smile to improve your first impression “score”, however…

…enhancing your smile can make you appear younger, improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, and also improve your conversation skills, your sex appeal, and positively impact your own personal and professional interactions.

Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Zenda

Obviously, your smile is one of your most powerful assets.

We can turn your world around with a new smile! Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez offer a full compliment of esthetic dentistry solutions to give you the smile you want, including porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges and onlays, bridge-replacing dental implants, natural looking composite fillings, gum sculpturing, and teeth whitening.

What Are Your Smile Goals?

A smile lift can lift your self esteem and your social standing. That’s why it’s so important that you are an equal partner in all of the decisions to guarantee that what you want is what you get before we start any treatment. Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez take an all-inclusive strategy and adhere to assembling treatment options into a plan.

Cosmetic dentistry options:

** Restore a beautiful, youthful look to your appearance

** Remove gaps and spaces between teeth

** Fix cracked, broken or chipped teeth

** Re-position crowded and crooked teeth

** Shape gum tissue to get rid of a “gummy” smile

** Bring mismatched teeth into harmony

** Use a porcelain bridge to replace a missing tooth

** Use all porcelain restorations to replace old “dark” dentistry

** Change how teeth come together to address malocclusion

** Whiten and brighten stained or discolored teeth

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