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History Indicates, If You Want To Upgrade Your Image, Start With Your Smile

Using cosmetic dental work, we will make your smile illuminate the room whenever you enter. By means of various methods, we are going to create that gorgeous smile of which you’ve been dreaming.

Natural-looking solutions like advanced metal-free crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, and inlays/onlays appear, feel and perform like your very own teeth. Plus, do you know that, cosmetic dentistry could possibly get rid of creases and lines near your cheeks, lips and chin… with no cosmetic surgery?

Our team‘s knowledge and experience in cosmetic and health and functional restorative dental care is highly respected in the Spring TX area.

Once we are in harmony with your wants and wishes for your new smile, we factor in the shape of your face, the presentation of your cheekbones and your nose, and the character of your eyes. However, it is the shape and contour of your lips that impacts the design of your new smile the most. Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich will also measure a number of other factors like the symmetry of your eyes and nose in ratio to your other facial dimensions.

Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich can restore your smile to make you appear more youthful, make your smile whiter and more sparkly, reduce lines and wrinkles around your mouth, perform “Instant Orthodontics” to straighten crooked teeth, and, finally, take your sex appeal to the next level.

Keep in mind, however, Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich and the smile team aren’t just concentrating on your good looks. We know that our most important job is to make your smile healthy, well built, and in occlusal harmony so that you can enjoy good health, good food and a good laugh now and then.

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The Cold Facts Are…

In an independent analysis in 2008, it was discovered: Almost all Americans (98.7%) believe a smile is a vital social asset.

97% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to people of the other sex.

Three-quarters (76%) of adult men and women truly feel an ugly smile can hurt an individual’s probability for job success.

ResearchersPsychologists questioned, “What is the very first thing you notice in a new acquaintance’s smile?” The most frequent responses were:

• A Straight Smile

• Brightness & Shade of Teeth

• Cleanness of Teeth

• Sincerity of the Smile

• Missing Any Teeth?

• Sparkle of Smile

Then participants were asked, “What exactly would you most want to improve about your own smile?” The most frequent answer was: “Whiter & Brighter Teeth”.

For better or worse, looks matter these days.

As outlined in additional research by social psychologists in and around Spring TX, many people spend around three seconds appraising your appearance before they begin to create a list of thoughts about your:

• academic level

• work competence

• accomplishments

• persona

• sophistication

• credibility

• sense of humor

• social mores

It’s not necessary to get a “Hollywood” smile to get ahead in life, but…

…restoring an old and tired smile can make you appear younger, boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, and also increase your conversation skills, your sex appeal, and positively influence your own personal and professional connections.

Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Urich Cosmetic Dentistry Patient CoCo

Obviously, your smile is one of your most important assets.

Let yourself dream about a more attractive smile for a minute. You look years younger. You are confident and noticing how other people find you more attractive. The practice of cosmetic dentistry has come so far in just a few years and, with procedures becoming more affordable all the time, you can change your smile and change your life.

What Do You Want From Your Smile?

A smile lift can lift your self esteem and your social standing. That’s why it’s so important that you are an equal partner in all of the decisions to make sure that we understand your expectations and that you are comfortable with your choices before we begin any cosmetic dental work. We take a comprehensive game plan and believe in establishing a treatment plan with a thorough discussion of options.

What can be done:

** Restore a beautiful, youthful look to your appearance

** Remove gaps and spaces between teeth

** Make repairs to chipped, broken or cracked teeth

** Change the shape of teeth so they’re no longer crooked or crowded

** Sculpt away extra gum tissue to reveal your full smile

** Lengthen or shorten uneven teeth

** Use a porcelain bridge to replace a missing tooth

** Use all porcelain restorations to replace old “dark” dentistry

** Improve or correct bad (dysfunctional) bites

** Prepare take-home smile whitening kits to brighten stained teeth

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